Convert your Scan to a Fully Searchable PDF


How to Make a Searchable PDF Online:

  1. First, drag and drop your chosen scan in the form of a PDF file or select the file from your device.
  2. Wait for the document to load – this can take a few seconds.
  3. Choose the proper configuration settings based on your needs.
  4. Press the “Run command” button.
  5. Download our searchable PDF.

Automatically Create a Searchable PDF

Create PDF from scan? Here’s how! Our fully automized OCR tool uses algorithms based on machine learning to recognize any text in your scanned file and convert it to a PDF. It’s easy! Just input your image scan and let our tool do the job!

The accuracy of the recognition process depends on the quality of your scans, so we recommend to not compress the scans before using our tool.


Make PDF Accessible

Convert PDF to PDF/UA

Add Tags to PDF

Improve Accessibility in Existing PDF


Automatically Fix Validation Errors


Validate PDF/UA

Validate PDF/UA-1 and Tagged PDF

Arlington PDF Model

Perform Grammar Check

Data Extraction

Scrape PDF Data

Create a JSON from PDF

Get Doc Info

Retrieve Detailed Information about PDF


Convert PDF to HTML

Create a Responsive HTML


Convert your Scan into PDF


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