How to use our PDF online tools

How to use our PDF online tools

Our PDF online tools are easy and fast to use. The process of using our tools stays more or less the same, varying only in specific settings personalized for your document.

Ready to start

To start, select your preferred tool from our list. Once you open the tool, you can read more about it in the informational text below.

  • With your tool selected, drag and drop your selected file into the highlighted space, or select it from your device.
  • Wait for your PDF to load – this can take a few seconds. After loading, you will be met with some basic information about your document, including data such as the title or the author.
  • Based on the selected tool, configure the settings of the process based on your preferences.
  • Press the execute button to run the process.
  • And finally, download your results.

Your output

Some tools – such as Validation, create a downloadable report containing your validation results, while others, such as Make Accessible, directly modify your document. Additionally, our two conversion tools will output your converted file.

And that’s all!
Thank you for choosing PDFix.




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